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Cod with Clams in Cataplana “Pantagruel’s Book”



Soaked and Deep-Frozen Cod Loins Lugrade
0,5 kg of clams
3 thinly sliced onions
3 thinly sliced potatoes
3 large tomatoes without skins or seeds
2 small green peppers
3 squeezed garlic
2 sprigs of chopped parsley
1,5 dl of white wine
1 tablespoon of margarine
Olive oil


Clean the Cod well from skins and bones and make it into flakes. Grease the two parts of the Cataplana well with margarine and place in the bottom of one of the parts, in alternating layers, the tomato, onion, cod, potatoes, garlic, parsley and peppers, basting them. all with olive oil. Add the wine and cover the Cataplana, which is put on the fire for 20 minutes. It is then opened, let it boil to refine and thicken the sauce and, just before going to the table, place the clams very well washed, cover again and boil only the time necessary to open the clams. , which should take about five minutes. It is served in the Cataplana itself.


The recipes were made by Lugrade cooks Alice Fernandes and Graça Santos. The photographs are by Mário Ambrósio and supervised by Chef Diogo Rocha. This Lugrade content has been approved by Bertha Rosa Limpo’s heirs.