The Lugrade – Bacalhau de Coimbra SA is a P.M.E. family business that started in 1987. Since that time, the strategy of growth of the resident firm fundamentally in the conquest of the market, betting on the commercialization of quality products, making known a “LUGRADE” brand through its own packaging.
In the period between 1987 and 1998, the Lugrade only carried out the commercial activity, in a small warehouse with 300 m2 located in the city of Coimbra. In an attempt to gain more physical space and promote its activity in the industry – salting and drying of cod – in September 1998 it promotes the changement of seedlings to the outskirts of the city, in the Industrial Park of Taveiro, for an industrial warehouse with a total covered area of 1.800 m2. It was in 2006 that the activity is not necessary and with the steady growth of its turnover, there is a new need for expansion of the space with a view to providing as current with a logistics distribution platform, allowing an expansion of the covered area of ​​700 m2, The current 2,500 m2.
In 2014 begins a project for an expansion of the existing unit and creation of a new unit of own production of deep-frozen cod. It started production in 2016.
Lugrade is currently a dynamic structure that adapts to the challenges of market evolution, incorporating the teachings inherited from tradition and the experience of years of life without Cod World.

About Us


It was in 1987 when Lugrade’s story began.

Today, Lugrade is a company that is passionate about the world of cod. In the name of tradition, quality and excellence, distinguishes itself by the experience of activity and the
dedication of its collaborators in the production of it.


We bring to the present the knowledge of generations in the art of producing the best cod in the World, which defines Lugrade as a company with a culture of its own.


The objectives are consensual and negotiated between employees and CEO`s, to include all the people in the decision process, specially those related with work objectives.


The Lugrade keep the continuous investment in the modernization and acquisition of new equipment and infrastructures that support its activity, positioning as one of most important companies of salting and drying sector, soaking and deep-freezing of cod.


The market demands define a basis of action of Lugrade, stating as rule the continuous response to them. As a response, Lugrade built the latest industrial unit, whose focus is the whole desalted deep-freezing cod process. This product is developed from the best lots of Cod, guided by a transversal Know-How to all company.

“It is a secret that gives  

a hight quality product standard

 and a unic taste.”