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Cod Soup “Traditional Portuguese Cuisine”



1 Small Lugrade Cod Loin
1 Lugrade Cod Tail
3 tablespoons of olive oil
300 g of potato
2 tablespoons of rice
4 eggs


The Loin and Tail of Cod, previously soaked, are cooked in water, along with olive oil.
Then the Cod is removed and the peeled potatoes and rice are introduced into the boiling broth. Let them cook. Meanwhile, shred the Cod and add the broth. The taste is corrected.
Separately, boil the eggs.
The chicken soup is served with the poached egg in each dish.



The recipes were made by Lugrade’s cooks, Alice Fernandes and Graça Santos. The photographs are by Mário Ambrósio and guided by Chef Diogo Rocha. This Lugrade content was approved by the author, Maria de Lourdes Modesto.